Demeter- Goddess of Harvest

Special Abilities

      Demeter had many strengths. One of her strengths were that she was a loving mother and was very persistent. She was often known as The Mother and The Rescuer. Her mother archetype was the source of nurturing, devotion, patience, and unconditional love for all. She was a very devoted mother and enjoyed the company of her daughter, Persephone. She is also the Earth Goddess. She could bring life to to the plants and crops each spring. She also has various mythical power when controlling the harvest. Her feelings sometimes lead to how healthy her harvest will be. When Demeter is bountiful and full of joy, then the harvest grows and is fresh and good. But when she is unhappy, her emotion creates a drought that leads to her crops/harvest being dead and not being able to grow. She has the ability to cross barriers between the Earth which change her into a disguise of an elderly woman. Demeter has the ability to invoke curses such as the time she cursed King Erysichton.


      Because she's the goddess of harvest, she is shown with a cornucopia or sheaves of wheat. She often carried a torch to guide her in search of Persephone, her daughter.
      Sacred animals to Demeter were pigs and snakes. The snakes are symbols as her chariot which were pulled by two winged serpents. In addition her sacred bird was the screech owl. As the goddess of harvest, she also had sacred plants, such as grains, wheat, and barley. In addition to that, the penny royal was also sacred to her. The penny royal was a type of mint and the poppy was sacred to this goddess. This mint was usually included in a drink consumed at her temple in Eleusis. Eleusis was the place where her priestesses wore poppies as her emblem.( a symbol for you personally) The chaste tree, frankincense, myrrh, and sunflowers are also symbols of Demeter.